Closing ceremonies

Today was closing ceremonies in San Diego. The children were in their best dress and were just precious. Ariel, their principal thanked us for coming into their community and helping with the library. We thanked them for inviting us not only nto their community but also their homes. They sang their national anthem and performed a folk dance for us. We did a line dance, Sophie sang and Jessica and Violet shared a dance as well. It was a tear jerker. Just amazing. We had time to play/talk to the kids/parents and teachers. When it was time to go, tears were falling with the sadness of leaving our new friends but with the hope of seeing them again some day. We all hope so. The people and community have truly touched our hearts.

(pics up soon)- Jenny

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9 Responses to Closing ceremonies

  1. All "the Schus" ! says:

    So glad you have been able to take us along on your wonderful journey!

  2. Ann Goldsworthy says:

    Thank you for sharing. A blessed Happy Birthday to Mackenzie tomorrow. I love you ! xo Annie

  3. Beverly Jones says:

    Love you, Miss Kenz. Happy Birthday. Nana

  4. Janelle says:

    must have been a sad day but with a feeling of accomplishment at the same time! congratulations on a great job. See you soon, Blythe

    Love Dad

  5. Shannon Jones says:

    So proud of you! Happy Sweet 16 Mackenzie Jones! So sad we are not celebrating together, but I am sure this is a celebration you will never forget. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday! Have a fabulous birthday at the beach!! xo, Mom, Dad and Abby

  6. robin says:

    We just read this post out loud to the our family and found ourselves getting emotional along with you. Such an amazing thing you’ve all done and been a part of. Blessings to all as you finish your trip and begin your journey home.

  7. Barbara Wix says:

    We are all so proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see pictures. Very happy you will be home soon. Great work and what a wonderful experience. This blog has been such a blessing to us. Thanks

  8. Kathy says:

    Congratulations girls, chaperones and facilitators — we are so proud and grateful! Enjoy your last days together and have a safe journey home. Gen, we miss you tons! xo ~ Mom, Dad, Maddie and Drew

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