Tuesday 7/10, Last work day.

After a wonderful breakfast of chocolate pancakes and fruit we went to San Diego for our last work day. It was a hot day, but Jeff and Amy gave the girls a treat with an extra long break to play/interact with the kids. They had so much fun. Some girls played soccer while others showed the kids some hand games. What the kids loved was taking and being in pictures. After lunch and a refreshung swim, back to the site. Although we did not finish the school, the girls did a great job. Pedro, our foreman and his crew along with community members will finish the library.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 7/10, Last work day.

  1. Sue Roth says:

    I have loved your pictures and story of your trip. Congrats and have a safe trip home. Mrs. Roth

  2. Cathy says:

    That Amy! She’s so sweet…….we miss her!

  3. Chris White says:

    Enjoy and cherish the rest of your time there. Please post return itinerary when you can. Look forward to hearing all the details! Laurie/Carly- Zonas watching from above…

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